Paul Rudd “farts” his way through an Ant-Man interview and the journalist can barely get a question in

Give the actor a chair that makes fart noises and the inevitable happens...


Have you ever tried holding a conversation with someone who’s constantly farting? That was the challenge faced by US journalist Erin Robinson who sat down for what she no doubt expected to be an innocuous chat with actor Paul Rudd at an Ant-Man junket. 


Instead, the interview turned into an entirely different beast when some suspect noises began emanating from the seat of Rudd’s giant whoopie cushion of a chair. Interviewer Erin reacted like we all would. 


Followed by awkward laughter. 

And then head in hands disbelief.

“Paul Rudd’s tooting,” she exclaimed. Yes, tooting. That’s a word people use, apparently.


She may not have managed to get an answer to a single question but the end product is certainly entertaining:

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