Jurassic Park, 2012, Layer Cake: films on TV today

The park's open for grisliness, it's the beginning of the end for the Earth and a drug dealer just wants to call it a day: the RadioTimes team’s pick of free-to-air films on TV today




Jurassic Park ★★★★★
7.30-10.00pm ITV2 

I saw Steven Spielberg’s crowd-pleasing dinosaur tale on the big screen with a friend when it first came out, and I can still quote her review: “The story wasn’t up to much, but the puppets were good.” The irony of this remark is that Spielberg had intended to breathe life into the T rex, velociraptors and other reptiles that run amok in an experimental theme park, in the then-traditional animatronic manner. But the super-nerds in the digital compositing department convinced him to go down the binary route, and Hollywood’s most persuasive argument for CGI was the result. Jurassic Park is packed with spectacle and shocks, but for me, what makes it so durable — after almost 20 years — is the splendid, offbeat cast: a pre-Pulp Fiction Samuel L Jackson as the park’s chief engineer, the always idiosyncratic Jeff Goldblum as a mouthy statistician, Seinfeld’s Wayne Knight as the sneaky, not-to-be-trusted Nedry and the late Bob Peck as a game warden. The puppets are good, too.

2012 ★★★
9.00pm-12 midnight 5★ 

John Cusack stars as the would-be novelist trying to save his family as Earth gets another hammering in Roland Emmerich’s disaster movie to end all disaster movies.

Layer Cake ★★★
9.00-11.15pm Movie Mix 

Before he was Bond, Daniel Craig made a big impression in this polished thriller, playing a London gangster and ruthless social climber. Didn’t do director Matthew Vaughn any harm, too, as he’s gone on to rack up the big bucks with X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass and Kingsman: the Secret Service.

The Jackal ★★★
10.00pm-12 midnight BBC4 

Bruce Willis steps into Edward Fox’s shoes as the elusive hitman, in this action-orientated remake of the classic 1973 thriller. Here, the mystery man brings his lethally efficient skills to America where a starry cast (including Richard Gere and Sidney Poitier) attempts to stop him.

Dracula — Prince of Darkness ★★★★
10.55pm-12.45am Horror Channel 

The late Christopher Lee is back in the bloodsucking business in a stylish Transylvanian horror boasting all the chills and spills Hammer guaranteed at its peak.


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