Dark Water and Death in Heaven director returning for Doctor Who series 9 finale

Rachel Talalay is currently directing the unnamed double episode, which will air later this year

If you were a fan of Doctor Who series 8 finale Dark Water/Death in Heaven last year, then rejoice – because one of the key figures behind that double episode is returning to helm the last episodes in series 9.


Rachel Talalay, who’s also worked on films including Tank Girl and TV series like Without a Trace, is currently filming the as-yet-unnamed penultimate episode starring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, with Steven Moffat on writing duty and Peter Bennett producing. And when she moves onto the 12th and last episode, we can bet she’ll be keeping the story’s secrets under close wraps as she did last year.

“When we shot outside in the two major public places – which I can talk about because of all the press – there were huge secrets to be kept,” Talalay said of the series 8 finale, which saw the return of classic villain the Master in Michelle Gomez’s female incarnation Missy.

“We put out script sides that were incorrect,” she went on to Den of Geek. “We published for the crew a script that was incorrect. The actors, when they finally did the correct lines, mouthed them.”

Sounds like we shouldn’t believe anything we hear about this year’s finale, then…


Doctor Who will return this autumn