What have the Made in Chelsea cast been getting up to in LA?

As Jamie, Lucy, Steph and the rest of the gang swap south-west London for Stateside, here's the gossip we've gleaned so far...

As if the Made in Chelsea cast don’t do enough socialising in the sun, they’ve been spending the last few weeks in LA filming their new Stateside series. There’s bound to be just as much crying, laughter, romance and awkwardness as in series nine, but with the added drama caused by a few new American girls and guys mixing things up. After all, we know how messy things got during MIC: NYC…


The snap-happy cast have been documenting their fun in the sun these last few weeks, so here’s a round up of the gossip we’ve got from their Twitter and Instagram accounts…

First up, we need to talk about Alex and Nicola. When we last saw the pair, a rather confused Alex was adamant he wanted to be single. But judging by his recent pictures, it looks like he and Nicola are still very much together as they holiday in Barcelona. Don’t worry, Alex will be in the new series – by the looks of things he popped home briefly to reunite with his girlfriend.

She might be the one ?

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Note the “might”. Alex, is that supposed to be romantic or non-committal? We can’t quite tell… 

But while Alex was in LA, he managed to feel quite at home.

Never too far #MICLA @e4chelsea #homecomforts

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Jess, Binky and JP have been spending a lot of time on the beach, but given how the latter two were the last time we saw them, we’re intrigued to see them hanging out. The series finale gave us a sneak peek into their flirting next series and… wait, are they sharing that towel? 

– beach ☀️ @binkyfelstead @joshuapatterson_jp

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Binky and the gang posted videos of their attempts to tackle the LA landscape. It certainly makes a change from the surreal fitness classes they’re always doing in London. 

Did it! The top of Runyon Canyon! That was HARD!!! #2hours #3routes

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Lucy and Jamie have been hanging out lots and posting retro teen-inspired videos like this…

Forever Blowing Bubbles @imlucywatson

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So far social media has shown no sign of Spencer in LA. Instead he’s posted plenty of pictures of himself with Lauren in Ibiza – does that mean she’s forgiven him for his, erm, mistake? We’re guessing they’re back on and Spencer’s taking time away from the show to patch things up with his GF. Although we can’t imagine Spenny not making an appearance, especially if Jamie has his way… 

Happiest when in the sun & with this one @iamlaurenhutton

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After swearing they’d never speak again, Lucy and Steph are truly back to being BFFs and have clearly been going out on the town…

Sleepover @imlucywatson #LA

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Binky’s been channelling everything American with Jess who she’s pretty pally with now that Alex Mytton is well and truly history…

Binks & food @binkyfelstead

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Mark Francis seems to be spending less time eating burgers on the beach and more time (of course) embracing the high-class side of LA…

Resting in peace

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And he looks to be coping surprisingly well without his grape scissors while staying at the ridiculously luxurious Mondrian hotel in West Hollywood…

So selfus

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Lucy’s getting so into the LA aesthetic that we’re a bit worried she might not come back…

LA style

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current situ ?

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So who’s definitely not in the LA series? We know Andy won’t be there as he has to stay in London and work (work… who’d have thought!?) while Stevie has said he’s not joining the cast in LA because he’s putting his relationship first, and for now his girlfriend Cressida Stewart doesn’t want to be on Made in Chelsea. Sob.


The new series of Made in Chelsea will air on E4 this summer

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