Neighbours: Kyle collapses after taking dodgy supplements, while creepy Jayden comes on to Paige

6-10 July: Plus Daniel is left reeling when Amber sides with Josh over proposed treatment for the baby


Monday 6 July


Sonya breaks one of her and Paulʼs rules and persuades Amy to reconsider how much time he can spend with Jimmy. Jayden gives Paige an ultimatum: Either they get busy or he will shop her and Tyler to the cops. Susan and Nate are shocked when they recognise their new wedding clientʼs fiancé. 

Tuesday 7 July

Josh and Daniel disagree on the merits of surgery for the baby, with Amber surprising Daniel by siding with Josh. Brennan tells Paige it is too soon for them to get back together. Alistair thinks Susan told Coco about him kissing Nate and threatens to make a formal complaint. Paige counter-blackmails Jayden. 

Wednesday 8 July

Despite their parents concerns, Amber and Josh forge ahead with their plans to treat their baby. Meanwhile, Daniel confides in Terese about feeling like a third wheel. Drowning in debt, Amy asks Kyle for more work and will not take no for an answer. Unbeknownst to Kyle, a desperate Josh sells him illegal supplements. 

Thursday 9 July

When Kyle collapses, Karl suspects an allergic reaction to Joshʼs supplements. When he also discovers that his prescription pad has been used to buy addictive drugs, Tyler is forced to come clean. Josh scrambles to cover his tracks, but agrees to keep selling dodgy supplements. Imogen goes on a date with Forrest to find out more about his operation. 

Friday 10 July


Brennan discovers the truth about Tylerʼs supposed bike accident and forces him to admit that Stubbsy does not exist. Jimmy texts Paul to ask for help with his science project and Paul jumps at the chance to help. But Naomi is none too pleased when she learns that Paul has cancelled their lunch together.