JK Rowling really, REALLY doesn’t want you to think the new Harry Potter play is a prequel

We know for a fact that the Cursed Child isn't set before the first book – but as the author found on Twitter, some people just won’t get the message...


The announcement of new play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, written by Skins’ Jack Thorne from a story by JK Rowling has many fans super-excited (even if they probably won’t get to see it live). I mean, who wouldn’t want to see a prequel about Harry’s wonderful world conquering the West End?


Whoops, sorry – it’s not a prequel. Forgot for a second there. In fairness, some early reports of a Harry Potter stage show back in 2013 suggested it would be set before the adventures of Harry and co – but if that was ever the case, the idea has clearly changed. Now, if only JK Rowling could convince her fans of that…

You know, we’re beginning to suspect some of these people are pulling her leg.

And can we detect the hint of frustration in JK Rowling’s responses?

To be honest, it looks like it might just be easier to start over and rewrite the whole thing as a prequel.


After all, it’s got to be easier than this…