Home and Away: Ricky goes into labour, Leah refuses to have surgery and Evie plots to get Maddy and Matt together

6-10 July: Plus Andy is hurt when Hannah admits that she was not ready for them to move in together


Monday 6 July


Alf continues to push his loved ones away, and is left alone to wonder what is wrong with him. Evie organises a romantic movie night to try to get Maddy and Matt together, but the pair do not seem to take the bait. Kyle tries to tell Billie that he is not ready for a girlfriend, but when Ash arrives and finds them in bed together he hits the roof. 

Tuesday 7 July

Ashʼs temper gets the better of him when Kyle tries to apologise for sleeping with Billie. Ricky gets upset when she starts unpacking baby clothes, convinced that she is not ready to have a baby. Evie continues on her quest to match- make Matt and Maddy, but they insist they just want to be friends. Roo tries to get through to Alf but he refuses her offer of help. 

Wednesday 8 July

Maddy finally gets through to Alf and he concedes that he needs to get some help. Ash and Denny reassure Ricky that she is going to be a great mother, and with Phoebeʼs help they organise a surprise baby shower. Hannah confesses to Andy that she is feeling smothered now that he has moved in. Jett announces to Marilyn that he wants to join the armed forces. 

Thursday 9 July

After some frank advice from Oscar, Andy apologises to Hannah for his lack of communication about moving in. Jett storms out after a failed family meeting in which John and Marilyn make it clear they do not condone his decision to join the army. Nate receives Leahʼs test results and it is bad news—she has an aneurysm, and surgery is probably the best option. 

Friday 10 July


Despite Nateʼs recommendation, Leah is adamant that she does not want surgery, which Zac and VJ find difficult to accept. Phoebe and the girls throw a surprise baby shower for a reluctant Ricky, but she gets upset after being reminded of Brax and goes home early… and when she wakes up the next morning, she starts having labour pains.