Emmerdale: Will Robert kill Paddy? “He’s in genuine danger,” says Dominic Brunt

A murderous Robert sets out to do away with Paddy in next week's episodes


Paddy Kirk is to put himself in mortal danger next week when he tangles with a homicidal Robert Sugden. After catching Robert back in the arms of Aaron Livesy, Paddy decides to put a stop to the relationship for fear that awful will happen.


“Paddy wants to keep them apart because he can see the signs of Aaron self harming again,” explains actor Dominic Brunt. “He thinks Aaron is vulnerable and that he’s being used. Paddy can see that Robert is an arch manipulator and a bad’un.”

Unfortunately for Paddy, his efforts to stymie Robert’s affair with Aaron look set to backfire dramatically. After Paddy sends Chrissie an anonymous letter telling her to rein in her cheating husband, it doesn’t take long for Robert long to work out who’s responsible.

Cue a confrontation between Robert and Paddy that leaves the vet’s nerves jangled. “Paddy tries to threaten Robert. He gives it a go, even though he’s scared of his own reflection. But Robert just ends up terrifying the life out of Paddy,” continues Brunt. “Paddy can pretend to be tough in his own pathetic little way, but he’s completely blown out of the water by Robert. And it’s this confrontation that turns Robert into a manic who’s now out to kill Paddy.”

Scenes to be broadcast on Thursday 9 July will see a murderous Robert takes advantage of the situation after witnessing Paddy taking  a tumble into a grain pit during a visit to the farm. After flicking the auger on, the grain starts to flow, filling up the pit where Paddy lies trapped…

“Having worked on farms, Paddy knows that people have died in similar situations to the one in which he now finds himself. He knows he’s in genuine danger.”

But with Paddy’s screams going unheard over the noise of the machine as the grain levels continue to raise, will a murderous Robert end up having claimed the life of another villager?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of the coming week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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