Coronation Street: will Kylie sleep with Callum?

Upcoming episodes will see Kylie plotting to reveal Callum's true colours to a blinkered Sarah

Kylie is to spring a trap on Callum in the coming weeks as she bids to expose Sarah to his true colours – but will her efforts backfire?


An increasingly desperate Kylie will be seen plotting with David to nail Callum once and for all. Their scheme is to reveal to Sarah just what drug-dealing Callum is really like. But her plan looks set to backfire.

Scenes to be broadcast on Friday 10 July see David and Kylie staging a huge row for Callum’s benefit. Viewers will then witness Kylie going all out to convince Callum how unhappy she is with David and that she wishes she could start a new life with him and Max.

Callum falls for her act and leads her through to the back room of the Dog & Gun. All the while, David is searching in vain for Sarah, realising that time is running out. Pulling Kylie towards the sofa, Callum tells her he wants her. Wondering where on earth David has got to, Kylie tries to conceal her mounting panic.

Just how far will she end up taking things with Callum? And will Callum realise that he’s been the victim of a trick?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of the coming week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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