Why Kit Harington’s new film role is clearly a Game of Thrones conspiracy

As many fans have realised, this must just be a cover for series six filming - contains season five SPOILERS

Jon Snow apparently met his maker (whether an old god or a new one) in this year’s Game of Thrones series finale, with the Night’s Watch commander roundly Caesar-d by his sworn brothers and left bleeding out in (appropriately) the snow.


But many are convinced that Snow will still have a part to play in the next series (even if that’s as a zombie or a direwolf), with every statement from the cast or crew that the character’s really gone just a dastardly attempt to hide the truth that our favourite hero will still be around to save Westeros from the White Walkers. Hooray!

Now, there’s news that Harington is to appear in thriller movie Brimstone alongside fellow GoT alum Carice van Houten (as well as Dakota Fanning and Guy Pearce) – but if the worldwide Game of Thrones illuminati thought the casting announcement would throw fans off the scent of Jon Snow’s return, well, they have another thing coming.

Across the internet, fans saw through this bare-faced lie with ease.

Some pointed out that the presence of another Game of Thrones star made the whole deception painfully obvious.

I mean, with slips like these are they even trying to fool us?

After all, we’ll definitely know when Jon Snow is gone – like Samson, his power lies in his luscious locks.

Wake up, sheeple.


Game of Thrones will return next year