Kit Harington reunited with Game of Thrones co-star in new film

The Jon Snow actor will appear in thriller Brimstone alongside Carice van Houten and Dakota Fanning

If the Game of Thrones series finale had you crying for Melisandre and Jon Snow to team up, then your prayers have been answered – though probably not quite in the way you were hoping.


Actors Carice van Houten and Kit Harington are instead reuniting in new thriller Brimstone alongside Dakota Fanning and Guy Pearce, with Harington apparently replacing Robert Pattinson in the role (not even Edward Cullen can compete with Jon Snow when it comes to melancholy brooding).

Fanning stars as Liz, a young woman on the run from a dark past and pursued by a nasty preacher played by Pearce, in a film described as “a vivid and powerful epic of one woman’s defiant resistance,” according to Variety. It will be directed by Martin Koolhoven from his own script, and is about to start shooting in Romania, Spain and Germany.

It’s not clear what parts the two Game of Thrones alumni will play, but we’re personally hoping Harington will be continually upbraided for his ignorance and van Houten wears a lot of red. It seems like it would work, somehow.

And Game of Thrones fans convinced that Jon Snow wasn’t really killed at the end of series five shouldn’t despair – Harington has previously starred in films while still having time to shoot the HBO fantasy drama, so the new casting doesn’t necessarily mean he’s is turning his back on his Night’s Watch roots.


Confirmations from the director, showrunners and Harington himself that Jon Snow is definitely dead might mean that he’s moving on but nope, not this casting.