Why do the Dursleys really hate Harry Potter so much? 6 things we learnt from JK Rowling’s new Pottermore story

How did the Dursleys meet? What happened when Harry's dad and Vernon Dursley came face to face? And just why did they resent Harry so much? JK Rowling has revealed new details about every fan's least favourite family…


As you may have noticed, the Harry Potter books are long finished. Yet JK Rowling can’t quite leave them behind, dipping back in to the world occasionally via her fan site Pottermore. 


And today, to celebrate the 35th birthday of Harry’s deeply unpleasant cousin Dudley, she has released new writing that opens up the backstory of his parents, Vernon and Petunia, and how they came to resent their adopted nephew so damn much. 


Alongside that, however, the story is full of little tidbits for the most fervent of fans. Here’s everything we learnt…