Shia LaBeouf becomes The Doctor in artist’s dalektable Doctor Who gallery

US artist Brandon Bird has envisioned the Transformers star as 13 incarnations of our favourite Time Lord...


Sean Pertwee’s Doctor Who tribute to his dad may have had some fans clamouring to get him into the Tardis, but a US artist has imagined someone rather different stepping into The Doctor’s big blue police box – Shia LaBeouf.


California-based artist Brandon Bird’s new “He is The Doctor” collection pops LaBeouf’s head onto some very famous shoulders, with the Transformers star depicted as 13 different incarnations of the Time Lord.

From William Hartnell’s One to Tom Baker’s Four, Peter Davison’s Five to Paul McGann’s Eight, Christopher Eccleston’s Nine to Peter Capaldi’s Twelve, and even John Hurt’s War Doctor, LaBeouf has become them all.

Bird seems to have spent a lot of space and time on the project, andexplained his reasons for chosing LaBeouf to take on the Time Lord’s role.

“They started as a joke I made on twitter” Bird told, “which was, ‘Man, people would get really mad if I drew Shia LaBeouf as The Doctor.’ And then a number of followers told me I needed to actually do it, and the more I thought about it, the more into the idea I got.”

“There was something funny about matching those faces with those bodies, and there was also a bigger joke about mixing together two things that absolutely shouldn’t ever go together. It’s the concept of the fan mash-up taken to its most ludicrous, most pointless extreme.”

It’s not the first time he’s been inspired by pop culture; he also has a book featuring Mr T, Law & Order, Nicolas Cage, Christopher Walken and the original Ghostbusters to his name.

It’s doubtful that we’ll be seeing LaBeouf in the Tardis as The Doctor any time soon, but does this call for a guest spot? We’ve already had a Doctor’s Daughter… and that Twelve pose is rather dalektable, don’t you think? (It’s actually Bird’s favourite – he says it was the funniest to paint.)

After all, LaBeouf recently told the internet to “just do it” in a bizarre motivational talk. Perhaps it’s time for him to just WHO it, no?


Check out Bird’s full He is The Doctor collection here.

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