Britain’s got a new Spider-Man – but who is Tom Holland?

He is British, but Marvel's newest superhero recruit is not that bloke from Rev...

Andrew Garfield may no longer be web-slinging as The Amazing Spider-Man but another Brit’s about to hit the big time as the masked Marvel hero and his name is Tom Holland.


The 19-year-old actor from Kingston-Upon-Thames beat out around 1,500 competitors – including some fellow UK stars – to become the next Peter Parker, but who exactly is he? And why do some people think he’s the bloke from Rev?

If he’s a young up-and-coming actor then why does his name ring a bell?

Probably because it sounds an awful lot like Tom Hollander, as in the titular star of Rev and the evil Cutler Beckett from Pirates of The Carribbean, to name but a few of his roles.

In fact, when news of Holland’s casting broke, some fans excitedly mis-read the headlines.

So, back to Tom Holland. Where have I seen him before?

Tom Holland (without the er) is probably best known for his starring role in Boxing Day tsunami drama The Impossible. He appeared alongside Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor and gained much critical acclaim for his performance.

He also previously starred as Billy Elliot on the West End stage, and you may have spotted him in BBC period drama Wolf Hall: he was Gregory, the son of Mark Rylance’s Thomas Cromwell.

How did he get the job?

Holland went up against a number of familiar faces, including Asa Butterfield and Charlie Rowe, facing a casting process that involved numerous screen tests.

The Hollywood Reporter says it all came down to his chemistry with Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans, though: Spider-Man will make a cameo appearance in Captain America: Civil War and Holland’s said to have had the right kind of interaction with the Iron Man star.

Why does his casting make Spidey Sense?

Marvel’s made a habit of banking on British stars of late, so we did think Holland and his fellow actors from this side of the Atlantic stood a decent chance of landing the role.

Plus, have you seen his acrobatics? His Instagram videos certainly prove that he can move like Peter Parker…

And to think, that’s WITHOUT the special effects the studio folk are sure to be able to work their magic with.

When will we actually see him put on the suit?

His new Spider-Man will, as we’ve mentioned, have a brief cameo in Captain America: Civil War in 2016 but you’ll have to wait a little longer for the next Spider-Man movie.

The wheels are finally in motion thanks to a new deal between Sony and Marvel, but you’ll have to wait until 2017 to see Spidey swinging into cinemas by himself again.


Spider-Man will appear in Captain America: Civil War in summer 2016