Terminator and RoboCop’s rap battle is better than two thirds of their movies

Who would win in a fight? Let lethal rhymes decide

Question: what’s the first thing we always programme robots to do, before they can talk or recognise objects or destroy humanity?


Dance. We teach the robots to dance.

Like fools, we taught the robots rhythm. We sealed our own fate. After that, it was inevitable that artificial intelligence would learn flow, their computer brains developing lethally potent rhymes at an exponential rate, far faster than even our finest rappers. Who could stand in their way? Wacka Flocka?

Soon, the fate of humanity came down to the two sickest robots, engaged in an epic rap battle for the entire planet…

Damn! The Terminator may not be able to cry, but he sure can spit! And the burns RoboCop delivers are a cruel and unusual punishment! The video was made to tie into the release of Terminator Genisys on 1st July, but surely the full movie can only be a let-down after this monstrous rap battle?

If you’re thinking this was an especially personal throw-down, it’s because these two have history: an entire comic book covered the last time Skynet and RoboCop crossed paths. And if you’re wondering who would win in a fist fight between the two cyborgs, here’s a ridiculously in-depth guide.


Whoever wins, we’re punk suckers.