Smoldark! Now it’s America’s turn to swoon over Aidan Turner

Ross Poldark has gone back across the Atlantic to delight US viewers with his scything skills


Poldark has aired in the US: cue a wave of Americans fawning over the tousle-haired, scythe-carrying, smouldering Aidan Turner. Brits, you know what I’m talking about. We’ve all been there and got the Ross Poldark t-shirt (or is that just me? Oh.) Last night was the turn of the Yanks as the BBC1 period drama began airing on PBS Masterpiece.


There was plenty of excitement in the moments leading up to Poldark’s debut.

The seconds ticked down, the drama started, and viewers began freaking out…

It’s been a while since we’ve seen that scything GIF. We’ve missed it. 

We like this tweeter’s thinking! 

Yes, let’s gaze at more pictures of Aidan Turner…

For some, it was too much.

Others said a grateful prayer:

The *ahem* scenery ticked certain boxes…

There were those who couldn’t wait a whole week for more, so simply watched it again…

And one clever tweeter coined our new favourite phrase: Smoldark.

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