Karen Gillan to lead search for Loch Ness monster

Former Doctor Who actress records commentary for boat tour...


Karen Gillan, former Doctor Who companion and most Scottish person ever, could only get more Scottish if her skin turned tartan and she hosted a tour of Loch Ness.


[Pardon? What was that?]

Good news!

The star of Guardians of the Galaxy has recorded a new commentary for a tour of the loch (pronounced locchhh –like a Klingon– not lake or lock). A native of the nearby city of Inverness, Gillan’s commentary will be heard by passengers of Jacobite cruises from mid-July. Look, here she is trying the tour out for herself.

The tour will centre around another legendary Inverness native: Nessie, the Loch Ness monster. The creature – said by some (local pub landlords) to be a plesiosaur is supposed to hide in the deep peat-clouded waters of the loch. Eye witness descriptions vary, but usually go something like this:

Despite frequent searches by monster enthusiasts such as the BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell, Nessie has thus far only been spotted in blurry hoax photographs…and on Google Maps.

The infamous ‘surgeon’s photo’, later revealed to be a hoax


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