Home and Away: Kyle is seduced by Billie – and Phoebe is left heartbroken

29 June-3 July: Plus Matt returns and apologises to Josh and Evie for the trouble he put them through. And Alf faces up to the realisation that he might have PTSD


Monday 29 June


Leah makes amends with VJ and Zac, but Irene cannot shake the feeling that she is not acting like herself. Ash races to stop Kyle from doing another drug drop for Gunno but accidentally scares Gunnoʼs thug, who pushes him down an incline. Nate forges medical documents so that Ricky can visit Brax. 

Tuesday 30 June

Brax tells Ricky and Nate to let him deal with Gunno after they confess to their part in the recent drug runs. Andy finds out that he passed his tests and is now a qualified personal trainer, and immediately starts teaching Oscar the ropes. Denny breaks up with Ash after she learns that he lied to her about going after Kyle. 

Wednesday 1 July

When Billie expresses a desire to stay in Summer Bay, Ash asks Andy to move in with Hannah so that Billie can take his room. Oscar is increasingly frustrated with Andyʼs constant mentoring and decides to quit when he finds out that he may have to put up with Andy both at home and at work. Phoebe returns to the Bay expecting a reunion with Kyle but overhears him talking to Billie about the night they spent together. 

Thursday 2 July

Phoebe tries to adjust to the revelation that Kyle has moved on and finds solace in Chris who convinces her to stick around. Matt returns from a rehab retreat for alcoholics and apologises to Josh and Evelyn for acting like an idiot. Hannah is unsettled at the prospect of Andy moving in so quickly. Leah breaks down and admits to Nate that she is not well but does not know what is wrong. 

Friday 4 July


Alf returns from the hospital but reacts angrily to Roo when she asks him how he is feeling, causing another heart episode and a trip back to the hospital to face up to a worrying diagnosis. Jett tells John that he wants to join the army. Leah confesses to Zac that she has been experiencing headaches and blurred vision, and goes for an MRI scan. Josh worries that Matt and Maddyʼs friendship may turn romantic.