Hollyoaks: Tony is hounded by the press following Rose’s kidnapping, while Sienna dumps Ben

29 June-3 July: Plus Jason proposes to Holly. And Simone tells Cindy that they're leaving

Monday 29 June


Diane maintains that Tony is guilty of kidnapping Rose but he’s released without charge. Tony recalls that Diane borrowed his car; he goes through her call list and rings an unknown number that he finds. A male voice answers with a crying baby in the background, does this link Diane to the kidnapper? DS Thorpe asks Tony, Tegan and Diane to do a press conference, during which the reporters hound Tony until he drops Diane in the firing line.

Cindy asks Jason to help with her next chapter but when he declines, she spitefully tells him that Holly likes Zack. Holly innocently hugs Zack in support and Jason sees. Later, Cindy asks for Jason’s help a second time – he declines again but we see him struggling to fight his attraction. Meanwhile, Louis tells Zack they’ve decided to leave Hollyoaks.

Sienna opens up to Ben. When she falls asleep, Ben asks Jason for files on Patrick.

Tuesday 30 June

Simone tells a gutted Cindy that they’re leaving.Patrick and Theresa return and meet Ben. Sienna attempts to build bridges with Theresa, while Patrick tells Sienna that Ben is no good for her. Patrick and Theresa bump in to a cosy looking Maxine and Darren; Maxine says she will never give up on her daughter. 

Wednesday 1 July

Patrick flaunts Minnie in front of Maxine prompting Maxine to run off. Darren begs Ben for help, thinking she will do something to harm herself. Darren finds Maxine safe, buying a car to start a new business in order to secure a future for her and Minnie. Meanwhile, Patrick manipulates Sienna in to dumping Ben.She does but she’s heartbroken and later finds a letter from Patrick’s insurance company – all his inheritance is going to Theresa and Minnie, so Sienna decides to get her own back.

Jason is increasingly jealous of Holly and Zack’s relationship. Later, Cindy absentmindedly uses Jason’s name for a character in her erotic novel before realising her mistake and changing it to ‘Jaden’.

Thursday 2 July

When an argument between the pair erupts, Ben arrives and locks horns with Patrick. Ben gives Sienna the choice to leave with him and offers his hand, but will Sienna choose her dad or her boyfriend? Later, Nico sees Ben carrying women’s magazines and, detecting shifty behaviour, she follows him.

Cindy asks Jason for help with the book but he refuses, even though he wants to. Holly and Jason make up but when Jason snaps at Zack again, Holly is unforgiving. Jason texts Cindy and agrees to help. Dirk gives Cindy a new bracelet but her mind is elsewhere… she goes to Jason’s where the attraction between them is undeniable.

Darren is determined to keep Maxine’s spirits up. Theresa gives Maxine photos of Minnie from their holiday.

Friday 4 July

Lockie makes plans with both Porsche and John Paul. John Paul finds Lockie has double-booked him and is fuming. Elsewhere, Pete tries to get on Lockie and Cameron’s good sides. Cameron and Pete enjoy a pint; Lockie is about to leave to see Porsche when she storms over, hurt that her husband is socialising with her abuser.

Jason proposes to a shocked and embarrassed Holly. Cindy advances on Jason who turns her down.


Sienna breaks in to Ben’s house after Nico’s words of warning about another woman. Sienna confronts Ben who asks her to trust him. Patrick is furious that Sienna has been so gullible, so she storms out with Nico to move in with Ben. But when they reach his house they see it’s been cleared out.