Coronation Street star Helen Worth on Gail’s new fight with Eileen – “She’s furious with her nemesis”

"Eileen tries to calm Gail down by telling her that it was only a kiss and that Michael isn’t even her type, but this just seems to make Gail even angrier!"

It’s war in Weatherfield next week when Michael lets slip to Gail about his recent dalliance with Eileen.


“When Michael tells Gail, she is like a woman possessed,” says actress Helen Worth. “She storms out looking for Eileen and she finds her at the salon. She immediately begins to throw things at Eileen and they end up out on the Street. She can’t bear the fact that Eileen has this over her now.”

Gail and Eileen’s feud now stretches back over a decade, with the pair having first come to blows following the break-up of Todd and Sarah’s relationship.

But it’s definitely a case of ‘ding! ding! round two’ when Eileen is confronted with an angry Gail. Adds Worth: “Gail feels humiliated at the thought that Eileen has been laughing at her behind her back. She doesn’t even stop to think that there were two of them involved – Michael as well as Eileen. She’s just so furious with her nemesis!”

And how does Eileen react to the sight of a belligerent Gail? “Eileen tries to calm Gail down by telling her that it was only a kiss and that Michael isn’t even her type, but this just seems to make Gail even angrier! Nothing Eileen says will calm Gail down – it only serves to infuriate Gail even more. In the end, they just end up launching insults at one another.”

At this point, the Platts are watching on in horror as Gail and Eileen launch into a full-scale brawl out on the cobbles. In her rage, Gail makes some disparaging remarks about Michael, but her anger quickly turns to regret as she spots Michael, who’s heard every word…

“Michael tells her to carry on and sarcastically tells her that it’s good to know where he stands. Gail is horrified and furiously tries to backpedal. She was trying to insult Eileen, not Michael, but it went the wrong way! Michael is disgusted.”

Not wanting to provoke Gail further, Michael will decide to move out of the Grimshaws and accept Steph and Andy’s over of a roof over his head. So will Gail take this as a sign that Michael could at some point reconcile with her too?

“I think she is happier, as it possibly means that if he’s forgiven Andy and Steph, then maybe he will be one step closer to forgiving her, too,” says Worth. “Perhaps Andy might convince him to talk to Gail and forgive her as well. She’s just happy this means that he and Eileen are no longer sharing the same sofa!”

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