Well, this is uncanny: Sean Pertwee looks exactly like his father Jon in Doctor Who photo

The Gotham actor posted a composite image of himself as the third incarnation of the Time Lord


Sadly the actors who play the Doctor aren’t as long-living as the Time Lord himself. But Jon Pertwee (the man behind the Third Doctor who passed away in 1996) lives on, thanks to his son, Sean. Pertwee Jr, also an actor, posted an image of himself yesterday with his father’s trademark Doctor Who ‘do Photoshopped on top of his head. 


Pertwee released the altered image of on his Instagram page with the caption “Son and Hair. Doctor Pennyworth #DW3, referencing both his character Alfred in Batman prequel Gotham (which the photo seems to be from) and his father’s most famous role (below right)

The resemblance is uncanny – and it’s not the first time Sean has invoked the memory of his departed father, previously dressing up as the Third Doctor for Halloween and totally rocking the cravat/cape look as you can see below.


We’re calling it now – if we can get David Bradley back to play William Hartnell and someone to portray Patrick Troughton, we could have a Thirteen Doctors episode on our hands…