Love Island’s Danielle has just totally pied the show!

There was too much structure and not enough reality in the show for the latest evictee, it seems...


Fresh from being booted out of the Love Island villa, Danielle Pyne has admitted that she hadn’t expected the show to be “that produced”. Oh yeah, she’s gone there; she’s pied the show that made her (a little bit) famous (for a bit)…


“I didn’t think we’d be forced into couples that way,” Danielle told of the show’s theme of calling on the islanders to couple up, uncouple and couple up again adding: “A lot of the conversations are set up and structured.”

“They almost laid it on a plate for me that if I wasn’t going to say that I liked Luis my days in there were numbered,” Danielle continued of her brief coupling with Luis Morrison. Honestly, Love Island’s producers have probably just grabbed a bottle of hairspray and slammed it down in a dramatic fashion on a nearby table.

Of course, ITV2 has made no secret of the fact that the show has produced elements. A spokesperson told us: “Love Island is a combination of reality and produced elements”. The advert alone showed a hand reaching in to quite literally shake things up. Before the islanders went into the villa ITV’s Director of digital channels and acquisitions Angela Jain told us that once the contestants were coupled up they’d start to “play with them a bit”. As plenty of the islanders have pointed out, this is Love Island, not Friend Island, the couple thing was a given, right?

But Danielle said she’s found it “difficult”. “I felt I was being forced to be someone that I wasn’t.”

“They’d be like, Chris and Danielle, go upstairs sit on the bed and talk about tonight. They’d stand behind the door, and keep telling you ‘No, no, not that. Now talk about this. They wouldn’t let you finish the conversation until word for word you’ve said what they want you to say. You just give up and end up saying it.”

Show insiders told us that there are times topics of conversations are suggested and that in the Beach Hut questions are asked about the goings on of the villa dwellers. Getting the islanders to dates and for events also involves someone from the show being with the contestants.

Of whether than means Danielle was herself in the villa, she said: “As real as you can be in that situation.”

“[Like] the Luis thing, I think it came across maybe that I did like him. At the end of the day, I found him attractive, but I had to make out I liked him more than I did, if I’m honest.”

“To be honest, I think the fact that I didn’t really push it, I didn’t pursue things with Luis, are the reasons I’m sat here right now. But I’m never ever going to pretend I’m something that I’m not and act just to stay in the show. So I don’t regret anything.”

Danielle’s time in the villa actually came to an end courtesy of publicly voted ‘Power Couple’ Jon and Hannah, who chose to ditch her and the recently arrived Chris Baxter. “They had the least loyalty to me,” Danielle said. “We come from very different backgrounds, we didn’t have as much to talk about as others. So I’m not surprised by their choice at all.”

While Danielle says she’d be disappointed if, like Chris, she’d only had a few days in the villa, she’s not keen to return.

“I didn’t want to couple up with anyone in there. I wasn’t really interested in the gossip and there were very few people I could actually connect with. I don’t think they had much more to offer for me. I definitely wasn’t going to win.”

It’s probably time to call Jonathan over for some calming words of owl-like wisdom, isn’t it..?


Love Island continues Saturday at 9:00pm on ITV2