How to audition for Top Gear

"Male, female, old, young, it doesn't matter. The one thing that does matter is you've got to have a real appetite for cars because you'll get found out so quickly if you don't," says new host Chris Evans

Yesterday Chris Evans revealed that auditions will be held to find his co-hosts on Top Gear.


Speaking on The One Show, the hit car show’s new frontman explained that outgoing presenters James May and Richard Hammond were found through auditions and so the BBC is planning to hold tryouts to find their replacements.

“But not just for ‘famous’ people, ex-famous people, up-and-coming famous people, in between famous people,” he said.

“Male, female, old, young, it doesn’t matter. The one thing that does matter is you’ve got to have a real appetite for cars because you’ll get found out so quickly if you don’t… You can be a mechanic, a racing driver, a guy who’s been building his own Landrover in his shed for five years, 10 years.

“But if you don’t know about cars…don’t waste your time. You can waste our time but don’t waste your own time.”

Evans, who has signed a three-year deal to host Top Gear, encouraged car lovers from all over the world to apply, revealing that the makers had already received audition tapes from as far afield as Kazakstan.

More details came via his Radio 2 show this morning, when he explained that applicants will need to post a video to a website that will be unveiled on tomorrow’s Breakfast Show. “We will then whittle those auditions down, and invite the best people to a live audition in front of me and the production team. That’s it.”

However, he added, “this is no guarantee we’re going to definitely have a current member of the public hosting a show. It’ll only happen if that person is suitable and any good. But it’s not a stunt. We’re not doing it just to rabble rouse to get publicity for the show.”

Evans also listed the rules as follows:


1. The video must be no longer than 30 seconds.”If it is, we won’t watch it. It’s that simple.”

2. You must be a car enthusiast. “All we want is you, your enthusiasm, and what your relationship with cars is. You must have one. You must know at least as much as me or more than me, preferably more than me about cars. Because Top Gear has to have an authenticity about it. It has to have respect from real car fans. And then we’ll have the fun on top of that.”

3. But the video should be just of you – no cameos from cars. “Just you, to camera from the waist up. No stunts, no gimmicks, just you talking to the camera, being like you think you might be on Top Gear. That’s it. Simple. Anything else will not be viewed.”

4. You must also be over 16.

Watch Chris Evans on The One Show

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