10 reactions that perfectly sum up how the internet feels about new EL James book Grey

From gushing praise to early morning disgust, here's what the digi-folk have to say about a love story from Christian Grey's perspective

EL James’ Grey has finally hit book shop shelves. The novel, which retells the story of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey’s romance from his perspective, was only announced 18 days ago, but you’d be forgiven for forgetting that – the British author’s latest effort has managed to whip up quite a frenzy.


And now that eager readers have got their twitchy palms on a copy, reactions are starting to appear on social media. Whether you love, like or loathe the Fifty Shades phenomenon, these 10 pretty much sum up how everyone on the internet feels right now…  

There are those who are just utterly in love with the new novel. 

Those who stayed up all night reading and now can’t concentrate on their work… 

Those who woke up confused this morning…

Those who are using it as an opportunity for a witty tweet and a spot of publicity: 

Those who were glad it wasn’t the only novel title trending on Twitter this morning… 

And those who would rather blind themselves than have anything to do with it.

For those turning EL James’ pages this morning, the hunt was on for the most cringe-worthy lines in the book. 

For Christian’s inner goddess….

And for what he really thinks of all that lip biting…

While some were regretting starting to read it, deciding it’s all a bit too much, especially so early in the morning… 

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