Toy Story’s honest trailer may change the way you look at Woody and Buzz Lightyear

Can toys die? At what point do they become sentient? And is Woody really as friendly as he seems?


Have you ever found yourself wondering why nobody noticed the Toy Story toys running around on their crazy adventures, despite the fact that they often did crazy things in broad daylight? Or questioned why we never saw Andy’s dad on screen?


Those are just two of the questions Screen Junkies, the team behind YouTube’s Honest Trailers pose in their take on the Pixar classic.

“Get ready for the classic children’s film that’s all about jealousy, broken dreams, and the existential dread that you will one day outlive your purpose and be replaced by someone newer and better”, they begin. “You know, classic Pixar stuff!”

The new take on Randy Newman’s classic Toy Story theme song, You’ve Got A Friend In Me, is the real highlight.


Will it ruin your childhood? Or take you to infinity and beyond?

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