Rachel Christie leaves Love Island: “I definitely regret choosing Omar”

If Rachel had her Love Island time again she wouldn’t have been loyal to Omar, but admits she knew she was going to be the first girl to leave

Rachel Christie is the first girl to leave the Love Island villa and says she goes with one regret: “choosing Omar over Tony”.


If you need a Love Island refresher – and I’ll turn to Love Island lingo to help me out here – Rachel chose not to ‘pie off’ Omar, whom she’d originally coupled up with, after going on a date with one of the twins Tony Alberti. While Omar and Rachel admitted there was no romantic connection, she said she wanted to give him another chance to be his true self in the villa. But, once the power shifted to the boys and Omar could ‘mug off’ Rachel, he opted not to stay loyal to his original chum and partner up with Jess, who’d been brushed aside by Josh, instead.

Got it?

So Rachel, as the only girl without an official partner, had to leave tonight and goes admitting she’d have done one thing differently, telling RadioTimes.com: “I’d pick Tony instead of Omar”.

“Omar’s so cringey,” she admitted. “I don’t know what it is.”

You can hear almost hear Tony laughing from here, right?

But, Rachel said she saw her exit coming: “I knew I was leaving, so I just wanted it to happen and get it over and done with,” Rachel said. “The night before I was taking stuff up to pack. I just knew I was going.”

“I even ranked us [girls] in order of who would have gone and I was at the bottom of it,” she added.

Rachel admitted she didn’t have a connection with anyone in the villa, and was relieved the new arrival, personal trainer Chris Baxter, wasn’t her type either.

“I was looking out the doors thinking, ‘Oh my god, please don’t someone come in that’s my type as I’ll be gutted.’ So when Chris walked in, I thought ‘Phew! I can still go home, I’m not going to fight for it.’”

While Rachel is confident she was true to herself in the villa, she explained she wasn’t her usual “class clown” self. “I felt like I had to be more mature. Everyone else was really immature.” And she certainly wasn’t impressed when her sex life became the topic of conversation, namely comments on the length of time she waits to have sexual relations with a partner.

“That was so shocking, honestly. I was really disappointed. It shows the level of immaturity as well. They were very judgmental,” Rachel explained.

But Rachel, who’s a single mum, said she would definitely go back into the villa if given the opportunity.

“It’s been the best experience of my life. I’m really grateful to the people who’ve put me in this position. It’s broken up my single mum routine. I’ve got to have a great break.”

Of who she’d like win, Rachel would like to see an unexpected couple take the title. But admits that Jon and Hannah, who’ve been matched up from day one, are “100% the best suited couple”.

“They’re like a married couple in there.”


Love Island continues tomorrow at 9:00pm on ITV2