We won’t spoil Game of Thrones but it’s too late for these furious fans

This article is spoiler free... unlike the rest of the Internet


Congratulations, you have found the one article on the internet that won’t spoil the end of Game of Thrones series five. But consider this: what the hell are you doing on the internet? It’s not a safe place to be if you haven’t seen the finale.


Yes, spoilers are beyond the pale, even for a show as brutal as Game of Thrones…

…but really, you only have yourself to blame.

Take these people as cautionary examples…

…lest you do something silly, like quitting the show…

…or murder.

Of course, some spoilers go out of their way to find you…

…and knowing can give you a nihilistic power.

But really you’re just ruining it for yourself. Endure. Stay off the internet, and enjoy the surprise.

Game of Thrones series 5 concludes tonight on Sky Atlantic, 9pm