Home and Away: Ash tracks down his sister Billie, while Evie and Josh find Matt

22-26 June: Plus Andy finds out that he passed his practice test with flying colours. And a lonely Chris is desperate for company


Monday 22 June


Ash finds his long-lost sister Billie and the pair reminisce, but when he tells her that Dean is dead she jumps to the conclusion that he killed him and tells Ash to stay away from her. Josh and Evie search for Matt and worry that he might be hanging out with his old friends. Maddy persuades Roo to go to the city to be with Alf in hospital. 

Tuesday 23 June

Billie comes to terms with the fact that it was Dean who bashed the guard all those years ago, and that she was wrong to testify against Ash. Evie and Josh set out to look for Matt but he is reluctant to come home with them. Chris is upset about Spencer leaving and takes out his frustration on Irene and Maddy. 

Wednesday 24 June

Ricky, Kyle and Ash discuss the new job that Gunno wants them to pull. Phoebe and Kyle get into a heated argument when he finds her at the gym talking to Kat, forcing Ricky and Ash to step in and break them up. Leah and Nate finally manage to get through to Matt about his drinking problem. Ash is surprised to hear about Kyleʼs dark past. 

Thursday 25 June

Leah and Nate take Matt to counselling to get his drinking under control. On his return he announces that he is going on a bush retreat. Denny finds out that he got 90 per cent on his practise test and the family have a celebratory dinner, but without Ash, who has disappeared along with Kyle. Denny finds Zac eating alone and encourages him to face up to whatever it is he is hiding from. 

Friday 26 June


Zac finally confesses to Leah that he was about to leave when she woke up from the coma, prompting her to ask him to go. Oscar is brimming with enthusiasm about his new job at the gym, but Hannah worries about him and they strike up a deal – if she sees any of the old warning signs he will quit. Chris is lonely and looks for company in Marilyn and John, but all he manages to do is annoy them by getting under their feet.