Hollyoaks: Tony kisses Tegan, while Louis is arrested for Rose’s abduction

22-26 June: Plus Cindy gets excited about the Mayor's presence at the re-launch of Price Slice

Monday 22 June


Grace is mortified about her latest fling with Kim. Kim blurts out her true feelings to Grace, just as Esther arrives. Kim back tracks and tells Esther she was referring to their relationship and Esther gets the wrong end of the stick – thinking Kim is proposing. Grace realises how much power Kim has over Esther and pretends she’s in love with Kim to keep her sweet.

Tony visits Tegan again but Rose is asleep so Tegan offers to go for a drink with him. Tony gets a text from someone saying his car has been clamped so leaves a disappointed Tegan at the bar. When he finds out the text is a hoax he immediately accuses Diane of sabotage but she denies it.

Ste is infuriated by Scott and tells him that he and Sinead are moving back to Diane’s flat without him. Scott is furious and begins to plot revenge.

Cindy is disheartened by the lack of interest in her book and quizzes embarrassed Jason on what he thinks. Holly realises the messages from Zoe are not being sent from Switzerland, but from nearby…

Tuesday 23 June

Tony sends Tegan a soppy text about Rose but she thinks it’s about her. He bumps in to Tegan and realises that she thinks he has feelings for her. Later, Tony nearly faints and Simone says he looks like he’s got German measles. The penny drops for Diane and she realises he’s been seeing Rose. Elsewhere, Ziggy tries to convince Tegan that Tony is using her. When she confronts Tony he denies it and kisses her, seen by Diane.

Holly tells the 6th Formers about the mysterious Zoe. Elsewhere, Dirk masquerades as Chester Literary Society on the phone to Cindy, telling her she’s won a writer’s competition. At the coffee shop, Dirk confides in Louis, unaware Cindy’s Dictaphone is recording their conversation. Simone finds the recorder and listens to Dirk’s confession. Also at the coffee shop, Holly messages ‘Zoe’. She notices a message arrive on a phone where Louis Loveday is sat and is alarmed to think Louis is ‘Zoe’. She goes to Zack’s house and finds a folder containing pictures of young women.

Grace is doing her best to convince Kim that she’s in love with her.

Wednesday 24 June

Tegan and Diane argue and Tegan threatens to leave with Rose.The village is bustling because of the launch of Price Slice’s new look, and Tegan is horrified to discover Rose is missing from her pram.

Harry and Cleo are sceptical that Louis is the one preying on girls. Holly steals Zack’s house key and shows Harry and Cleo the folder. The teens decide to tell Zack. Elsewhere, Cindy is delighted when she hears the press and Mayor are attending the re-launch of Price Slice and wants to tell them about her writer’s award. Simone opens the new look Price Slice but is furious when she sees the Mayor at The Emporium.

Thursday 25 June

Holly believes Louis is responsible for Rose’s disappearance and gives the folder to Jason. Leela goes to The Boarding House and confronts Tony and Diane. She can tell Diane is lying about where she was when Rose was snatched and heads to The Hutch to search for clues, with Diane and Tony in hot pursuit. They argue in the village but stop when Ben and Jason arrest Louis for Rose’s abduction. 

Friday 26 June

DS Thorpe questions Tegan again. Tony asks Darren to give him an alibi which he does and then Tony gets drunk at The Dog. Ben takes Sienna for a ride in the police car and they come across Darren and drunk Tony. When Ben goes to breathalyse Tony he spots Rose’s jumper in his car and arrests him. Afterwards, Ben kisses Sienna goodbye.


Zack flips when Louis doesn’t stand up for the family. Elsewhere, Leela charges in to berate Simone but Cindy sticks up for her.