Coronation Street: Anna left heartbroken as Faye parts with Miley, reveals Debbie Rush

Prepare for tears as the decision is made that Miley should live with Jackson and his parents


Anna Windass is forced to face the possibility of Faye giving up her baby in emotionally charged scenes set to air next week.


Miley’s christening goes horribly awry when the pressure becomes too much for young mum Faye and she flees the service – all of which leads to the suggestion that Miley might be better off going to live with Jackson and his parents.

With Faye displaying an obvious lack of interest in her child, Anna is faced with the toughest decision of her life and – by Friday – she’s preparing to part with Miley. But will Faye actually be able to let her baby go?

Here, actress Debbie Rush reveals what happens as Anna readies herself to say a heartbreaking goodbye to Faye’s baby…

So, talk us through the day of the christening – why does Tim call it off?
Anna is busy on the morning of the christening – she really wants to make sure the day is a success, so she’s busying herself with the buffet and getting everything ready. Perhaps she’s too busy to notice that Faye isn’t herself and is actually dreading the day ahead. When they get to the christening Anna gets annoyed when she sees Faye playing on her phone because she wants her to be paying attention.

Then Tim – who has really taken to his role as granddad – gives a reading, but he gets too emotional and Anna has to take over. And it’s then that Faye ends up running out of the Church. The pressure just gets too much for her. Tim runs after her and Faye breaks down and tells him she doesn’t want to be a mum. She’s struggled to admit that to Anna, but because of the stress of the christening, it all comes out. 

How does Anna react to Tim’s suggestion that Miley goes to live with Josie and Grieg?
She’s mortified – at first she can’t believe it would even be suggested.Anna takes it as a bit of an insult to her – she’s such a proud person and she thinks Josie and Greig are implying that she isn’t doing a good job. Even though Miley is Faye’s baby, Anna has naturally had to carry the responsibility because Faye is still a child herself. Deep down though I think Anna knows that Faye has really struggled. 

So what prompts Anna to agree to it?
It’s Tim that approaches Anna and suggests it. And even though Anna is horrified, she realises that it can’t have been easy for Tim to agree with Josie and Greig because he’s really taken to Miley. Tim knows it would be best for Faye because she has really struggled to come to terms with what has happened.

Tim persuades Anna to speak to Josie and Greig and, even though she has her reservations, speaking to them really does make her see that it might not be such a bad idea and that she has to put her own feelings aside. Anna is a single parent now that Owen has gone and she’s struggling. Anna also overhears Jackson telling Tim that he really wants to be a part of Miley’s life, which really touches her. She knows what she has to do. 

And how does Faye react to the idea?
As heartbroken as Faye is, she’s also very grown up about it and knows that it would be the right thing for Miley – who has to come first. Faye knows that she still has so much growing up to do herself…she didn’t have the best first few years in life and I think she’s conscious that she wants things to be different for Miley. 

What are Anna’s emotions when the time comes to hand Miley over?
It’s heartbreak. She gets that feeling of failure back which she first had when she discovered Faye was having a baby. But by this point she’s really come to terms with the way things have to be and she knows it is best for both Miley and Faye. 

Is there any last-minute wavering from Faye?
Izzy tries to make Faye change her mind and tells her she might regret handing Miley over. But Faye is quite strong. Tim and Anna gave her the choice and said it was her decision and Faye knows she’s made the right one. I think she might have a sense of the pressure lifting from her shoulders. 

Is Anna hoping she’ll change her mind?
No, I don’t think so, because Anna knows it’s the right thing to do. Tim really has a hard time with it – he blames himself and starts to doubt the decision and it’s Anna who has to reassure him that they’ve done the right thing. 

We’ve seen Anna and Tim become a bit of a team since Miley was born – what do you make of their partnership?
I think it’s great – they’ve really got over any problems they first had when Tim came to Weatherfield and together they make great parents for Faye. 

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