What did you think of sci-fi series Humans?

Synths, science, consciousness and humanity - tonight's new series on Channel 4 posed a lot of questions, but what did you think of the drama?

Channel 4’s new sci-fi drama is a tiny bit unsettling. Set in a future that could just as easily be right now, the drama follows different sets of people as they deal with a Britain where having a domestic Synth is as common as owning an iPhone. 


There’s a London-based family whose dad impulse buys a Synth when faced with too much housework. A Synth which starts displaying more free will than its owners think it should. An elderly scientist whose health problems mean talking to his Synthetic is the only way he can still remember his late wife. And Colin Morgan as some kind of mysterious Synth harbourer.

It’s all very confusing, but undeniably gripping. And Gemma Chan is unbelievably convincing (and creepy) as a robot. We can’t wait for next week’s instalment. But what about you?


We want to know what you thought of tonight’s sci-fi drama. Let us know in the comments box below…