Relive Mark Wahlberg’s hilarious 2013 appearance on The Graham Norton Show

As the actor returns to the chat show tonight, take a look back at his last eventful interview on the red sofa

Actor Mark Wahlberg will take to the sofa on Graham Norton’s chat show tonight following a, shall we say, eventful appearance in 2013. Well, when the chat show host has to say “This is so inappropriate” as he tries to guide his guest off his lap and back into his seat, it’s fair to say the night has wandered somewhat from the topic of promoting their upcoming movie.


On the night, Wahlberg himself observed that allowing people to “drink alcohol and then come on a show in the evening” was “a recipe for disaster”. Graham later joked, “I don’t know what chateau that red wine came from…” as Wahlberg pretended to smooch fellow guest and comedienne Sarah Silverman and told actor Michael Fassbender that he’d dozed off during one of his anecdotes. By the time it got to the business of the flippable ‘Big Red Chair’… well, once just wasn’t enough for Wahlberg.

The movie star will return tonight to promote upcoming flick Ted 2 alongside his co-star Seth MacFarlane and Dara O Briain. Cyndi Lauper provides the music. 

But first, here’s that previous interview…


See The Graham Norton Show tonight at 10:35pm on BBC1