Jurassic World’s Bryce Dallas Howard: “It was dangerous wearing heels the whole time”

Chris Pratt may have managed it in a TV studio, but wearing them in a jungle is an entirely different matter...

You may have spotted Chris Pratt absolutely crushing it with his high-heeled running skills on James Corden’s Late Late Show earlier this week, but his Jurassic World co-star Bryce Dallas Howard had a harder time of it when she donned her stilettos during filming in the Hawaiian jungle.


“It was dangerous wearing heels all the time. It was dangerous!” the actress – who plays park manager Claire Dearing – told RadioTimes.com.

“But it was important to me – it was hard for me to be Claire without those heels. It was like her armour, you know? It was her strength. So yeah, I ran through the jungle, for a few months, in high-heeled shoes!”

Click play on the video below to see Howard and director Colin Trevorrow discussing her tricky outfit and the relationship between the new film and the original Jurassic Park movie.

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