Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard sing their own Jurassic World lyrics

Jeff Goldblum may have sung to the Jurassic Park music before - but the sequel's stars have gone one better...

Late last year the world was delighted as Jurassic Park alumnus and general dude Jeff Goldblum led a singalong version of the film’s iconic theme – but we thought we could do one better.


Sure, Goldblum had some sweet lyrics for the song, but did he make them up himself, on the spot? We think not – and that’s the challenge we put to Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, stars of reboot/sequel Jurassic World.

So who did better? Well, we’d have to give the prize for enthusiasm to Dallas Howard – we can’t wait to see that song in the DVD marketing campaign – but for sheer accuracy of plot Chris Pratt might have the edge.

All together now – “it’s Jurassic World, it’s Jurassic World, and the diiii-nosaurs, will flip out and kill you!” UK Top 40, here we come.


Jurassic World is released in UK cinemas on Thursday 11th June