Big Brother Timebomb: remember Brian Belo?

As the series 8 winner steps back into the house, relive some of his memorable moments and best quotes

Name: Brian Belo


Age: 27

Twitter handle: @brian_belo

Occupation: Big Brother Legend (Series 8 winner in 2007)

Loves: Big Brother: he has the eye tattooed on his arm, and taped every episode between the ages of 13 and 19. Then he won series 8.

Hates: Nearing the finish line in the house. “Just because the last month you’re drained of all your stories, you’re drained of all your energy. It’s just like, we’ve all been together a while and we’re pretty much competing with each other.”

Unsure: Famously, he had never heard of Shakespeare before entering the Big Brother house.

“You’re not going to see any ‘who’s Shakespeare?’ because I didn’t know Shakespeare before,” he explains. “But then again, I just had my interview a minute ago and I just fell off the chair. On camera! And I was like, why did I just fall off the chair?”

Pro tip:

“You’ve got to look at the Big Brother housemates the way a stockbroker would look at the stock market. And you’ve got to adjust yourself accordingly.”

He says:

“[Big Brother] changed the whole landscape of my adult life. I can’t really imagine having not done Big Brother. It’s like Sliding Doors. Does she get on the tube or doesn’t she?”

Bonus round:

Here’s Brian on the Weakest Link.


And here he is eating nasty jelly beans for 20 minutes.