Why new Spectre trailer reminds us of Live and Let Die

Day of the Dead, flamethrowers and a very familiar turtleneck – is Roger Moore the inspiration for Daniel Craig's latest outing as Bond?

The latest trailer for James Bond movie Spectre gives us an awful lot more previously unseen action footage – and reminds us of another film from Bond’s past.


The film has the same cryptic hints of evil organisations, but half-way through things get much more heated. Watch the full teaser below. 

With all this talk of Spectre and  Ernest Stavro Blofeld, we can’t help spotting other throwbacks to James Bond movies past, and one film more than any other stands out: Live and let Die. Why does Daniel Craig’s latest Bond adventure remind us of Roger Moore’s first outing?

Day of the Dead

We already know that the opening action sequence in Spectre is set during Mexico’s Day of the Dead festival, but this is the first time we’ve actually seen footage from the scene.

The celebration of lost ancestors, complete with skull face paint, is a clear throwback to the voodoo scenes in Live and Let Die with Roger Moore.

Director Sam Mendes has often spoke of how watching Live and Let Die as a 10-year-old was an early inspiration for him. “It was adult sexuality, weird glamour, violence…it was really powerful,” he said at movie festival Films Without Borders last year, and it looks like he’s added more than a pinch of the 1973 film into his latest Bond outing.


Considering the amount of gadgets available to Bond, it’s remarkable how rare flamethrowers are. Souped-up lighters are one thing, but the best example of Bond playing with fire is a more improvised affair. In Live and Let Die Bond used a cigar and a spray can to incinerate a pesky snake in his hotel room.

Technology’s come on by the time of Spectre however, which features Bond’s DB10 firing jets of flame out of its exhaust pipes to toast a chasing car.

OK, Live and Let Die isn’t the only time Bond gets hot. Remember Q’s idea for flamethrower bagpipes in The World is Not Enough?

Can’t imagine why that didn’t prove useful.


Not part of the most recent trailer, but in the posters for Spectre there’s no doubt Daniel Craig is channelling Roger Moore’s style from Live and Let Die.

See what we mean?


Yes, Bond’s nemesis  Ernst Stavro Blofeld and Spectre might be best known in From Russia with Love and Thunderball, but when it comes to style, Spectre feels more about Moore.


Coincidentally, Live and Let Die was the film that ditched the master criminal organisation known as Spectre, apparently for good. Following a lawsuit from original screenwriter Kevin McClory, all references to Spectre and Blofeld were dropped. The new Bond film however seems to have brought both Spectre and Blofeld back from the grave.

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