Rigsy from Flatline is returning to Doctor Who

Jovian Wade is back for another adventure. And Peter Capaldi has a new coat...

Slowly but surely, we’re getting more information about Doctor Who series nine. For instance: Rigsy is returning!


The graffiti artist – played by Jovian Wade, who also appears in Big School– was last seen in last year’s Flatline, where he fought some evil Banksy paintings. This year he will return in episode 10, directed by Justin Molotnikov and written by Sarah Dollard, known for her work on Being Human and The Game.

Jovian Wade is pretty excited, and Peter Capaldi has a swish new coat!

That’s all the hard information we have for you…but that doesn’t stop us speculating. Rigsy was last seen doing community service for vandalism, so we can expect another city-based story set in the present day. Flatline was the ‘Doctor-lite’ episode of that series –freeing Peter Capaldi up for the filming schedule elsewhere. Clara took the lead, but Rigsy already proved himself a worthy companion for the stand-in Doctor. Will he be performing a similar job here? Plus he had a bit of a thing for Clara, so maybe that might develop into something…maybe?


OK, we’re out of speculation, let’s play a game. How well do you remember Rigsy’s first appearance in Flatline?