Love Island twins first out but insist it’s “mission accomplished”

“We made a great entrance and great exit,” say John and Tony Alberti, whose confidence can’t seem to be dented

Twins John and Tony Alberti are the first two contestants to leave this year’s Love Island after failing to couple up with a girl within the 48-hour deadline. But the ‘Italian stallions’, who were the last contestants in and now first out, don’t seem fazed at all. In fact, it’s quite hard to shake their confidence.


“We did what we wanted to do: come in like a whirlwind, create a lot of drama, stir things up. We took girls off the guys, it’s mission accomplished really,” John enthused to, dodging my concerns of joining the ‘first out’ reality hall of fame (that would suck, right?).

They’re talking about Rachel and Zoe here, whom they nabbed away from islanders Omar and Luis after one date apiece.

“We went into those two dates and have a 100% record. We took the girls off of them. We won in that respect,” John explained. “Our egos and confidence is still very high.”

But the two girls didn’t stick with the twins when it came to crunch time: Rachel went back to Omar and Zoe ended up swapping completely to Jordan. Tad awkward. However, the lads say it’s not because they didn’t like them, insisting the girls are “playing it safe”.

“They’ve stuck with people who won’t swap them so they can get further in this competition,” said John.

“They knew we’d swap anyway, they had to save their own skin,” Tony added, confirming that had new girls come in, they would have looked elsewhere.

Not that the duo seem to think they’re missing out on too much. “There was no chemistry or spark. A lot of the girls didn’t have much personality,” said Tony.

“From the get to I didn’t fancy any of the girls,” John added. “I got to know a few of them and I realised they didn’t have any personality.”

Although John would have liked to have lit one more firecracker, saying he’d like to have broken up the island’s main couple Jonathan and Hannah.

“I would have like to have split that one up,” he added, admitting he doesn’t think the relationship has a future.

“I think Jon’s going to get his heart broken in the long run. I think he’s into her way more. I think she’ll bin him when she gets out.”

The lads are on their way home now, but given the opportunity to return again during the show’s six-week run, they laughed: “We’d love to go back in and stir things back up again. We’ll have to see what happens…”. 

Love Island continues Saturday at 9:00pm

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