Emmerdale: Charity gives birth – but who’s the father of the baby?

Surprise scenes in tonight's double bill saw Debbie left holding the newborn after her mum delivered a new Dingle

So, there’s a new addition to the Dingle family – who saw that one coming?


Yes, Charity – who has been languishing in prison since January – has given birth to a baby boy. And it’s Debbie who’s been left holding the newborn.

Viewers of tonight’s double bill saw Debbie visit her mum in jail only for Charity to keel over and go into labour. As emergency medical help was sought, the rest of the family was summoned, only for Debbie to emerge carrying Charity’s new son.

Debbie (Charley Webb, right) visits mum Charity (Emma Atkins, left) in prison during tonight’s Emmerdale

This is the second time that Charity has given birth while behind bars: her first son Noah was delivered via caesarean in 2004 while she was serving time following the murder of Chris Tate.

Speaking about tonight’s latest bombshell, an Emmerdale insider commented to RadioTimes.com:

“Even though the viewers were unaware that Charity was pregnant when she was imprisoned in January, some viewers may well have picked up on a clue she made when she hinted to Cain that she may be released earlier than expected.

“So, Charity has now had a baby while in prison, but will she get out earlier or will her plan backfire? Also, the question on everyone’s lips is: who’s the father?”

Fans will no doubt now be mentally spooling back nine months to try and guess the identity of the daddy. For those wanting to know what Charity was up to back in October 2014, it was actually a busy month for the character what with her being pursued across woodland by a vengeful Declan and then kidnapped and locked in a container by Jai.

Somehow she also managed to find time to get herself pregnant as well – but who was involved remains to be seen. Former love Cain? A parting shot from Declan!? Leave your guesses below.


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