Chris Pratt told to apologise for his Jurassic World pre-apology

It looks like some people can’t take a joke…

You may recall that a few weeks ago Chris Pratt posted a pre-emptive apology on Facebook for offensive comments he might make on Jurassic World’s upcoming press tour, saying that he wanted “to make a heartfelt apology for whatever it is I end up accidentally saying during the forthcoming ‪#‎JurassicWorld press tour.”


He added: “When I do (potentially) commit the offensive act for which I am now (pre) apologizing you must understand I (will likely have been) tired and exhausted when I (potentially) said that thing I (will have had) said that (will have had) crossed the line.”

The post went massively viral (of course), with most readers praising Pratt’s self-deprecation and humour – but now it’s emerged that some people just couldn’t take the joke.

“What was so funny is like, almost immediately after I posted that people were like ‘that’s really messed up man, you know you should really apologise,’” Pratt told

“I was like, ‘Oh God, you completely missed the joke if you’re asking me to apologise for my pre-emptive apology!’”

You can watch Pratt discussing the complaints in our video above, where the actor also shared some of his favourite moments from filming and discusses the possibility of a Jurassic World sequel.

“Getting to actually ride a real motorcycle through the Jungle was amazing,” Pratt told us. “Sometimes I was on a rig, but sometimes I was actually riding a motorcycle so that was freakin’ awesome.”

He concluded: “Luckily it won’t be my job to create the sequel. I’ll leave that to the capable hands of Colin [Trevorrow] and Steven [Spielberg] and all the filmmakers. I’m down to do my best to make it as good as it can be.”


Jurassic World is in cinemas now