Love Island’s male contestants told to couple up in 48 hours or they’re out

The Love Island boys have just two days to match with one of the six girls or they face being "dumped" from the villa

The Love Island villa is set to get a whole lot more chaotic as the boys are given just 48 hours to pair up, otherwise they will be “dumped” from the villa. Yes, it’s as cut and dry as that. Host Caroline Flack is probably working on her consolation speeches as we speak.


The addition of identical twins John and Tony Alberti, both single and ready to mingle, means there are now eight boys and six girls in the house. Yup, you’ve done the maths – two will be leaving the villa in the next two days.

The other six lads paired up with Love Island’s ladies in the first episode, but in a bid to spark a shake up among the couples, Zoe and Rachel will head off on dates with the twins.

After their romantic evenings, the girls will be given a chance to stick with the Italian stallions, or return to their original partners Luis and Omar. The twins are probably confident, their first dates worked out so well after all…  Oh wait, no they didn’t. Maybe the original line-up is safe and the Albertis will be out of the door as quickly as they arrived?

But while the twins, Omar and Luis all risk getting the heave ho, we’re told it could be any of the boys packing their bags as there will be more opportunities for the solo contestants to pair up in the next two days. Think of it as a reality TV version of musical chairs – the lads left standing when the music stops get the boot. Watch this space…


Love Island continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2