A fan imagined Doctor Who’s Lego video game and it might be better than the real thing

While you wait for Lego Dimensions, watch the Doctor head off on a fan-made adventure in space and time

Unless you’ve been living under a space rock for a considerable amount of timey-wimey, you’ll know that Doctor Who is making its Lego video game debut in Lego Dimensions later this year. 


But one fan quite simply can’t wait to see what the Doctor will get up to in Lego video game land, so they’ve mocked up a gameplay tribute that’s just a bit – in the words of Ten – brilliant. 

YouTuber BlobVanDam – who also gave us The Time of The Doctor’s regeneration scene in Lego – has come up with a sample scenario for the Lego Doctor to face.

In this rather cleverly put together clip, Matt Smith’s Eleven works his way through some space-age territory (we’re guessing it’s one of the ships orbiting Trenzalore), taking on curious little Cybermen with his pal Handles in tow. 

BlobVanDam’s even included the sonic screwdriver, which the Doctor can use to open doors, break objects and tackle his cyber foes. 

The YouTube video is in no way based on the real thing, but if Lego’s Doctor Who levels look anything like this, we’re sure fans will be who-oping with joy.


And the fun doesn’t stop there either – you can watch part 2 here.

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