Neighbours: Paul’s reunion with his daughter Amy is far from happy, plus Paige gets desperate

15-19 June: And Brad warns a potential suitor off Lauren, while Susan puts a damper on Karlʼs first day as a barman


Monday 15 June


Paige steals a prescription pad from Karl in order to get stronger medication for Tyler. Josh bonds with local gym owner Forrest and is offered a job. When Karl discovers a bank statement in Susanʼs name she admits to spending money without him knowing… but two can play at that game. 

Tuesday 16 June

A mysterious stranger arrives in Ramsay Street and heads for Paulʼs penthouse. Tyler and Paige reluctantly accept Brennanʼs offer of help at the garage, but he is shocked when he finds no damage to his bike, despite apparently having been in an accident. Susan struggles with Karlʼs decision to buy into Off Air. Paul and Naomi close the deal to buy back Lassiters, and when news comes through that they have succeeded they fall into each otherʼs arms. 

Wednesday 17 June

Paul and Amyʼs reunion is not a happy one. In the aftermath, Amy accidentally reverses into Nellʼs buggy. Sheila is wary about her new ʻcranky grannyʼ moniker, but Susan encourages her to see it as a way to do good, inspiring Sheila to host a LGBTI fundraiser. Toadie, Kyle and Nate head to The Waterhole to play wingmen for Nate. 

Thursday 18 June

Amy is convinced that Paul does not care about her. Daniel does his best to reach out to Amy but her mind is made up, and she leaves Ramsay Street. When a local designer named Robin shows an interest in Lauren, Terese takes the opportunity to play matchmaker, but Brad gets strangely territorial and warns Robin to stay away from her. 

Friday 19 June


Tereseʼs insecurities threaten to overwhelm her when she learns that Brad scared away Robin, but he reassures her that she is his number one priority. Desperate to provide for Amber and the baby, Josh spends thousands on stock for his new sales job. Susan derails Karlʼs first attempt at being both a bartender and a confidante to his patrons at Off Air.