Doctor Who: best guest stars from series 8

Better Eight than never, these special guest stars finally found their space and time to shine but WHO was just what The Doctor ordered?

With a new incarnation of the Time Lord at the helm of the Tardis, a whole host of new famous faces prepared for an adventure in space and time with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman – and you can pick your favourite below.


Zawe Ashton

Character: Journey Blue

Episode: Into the Dalek

Best known for: Being the rather volatile Vod in Fresh Meat

Far from her rule-breaking Fresh Meat character, as fearless soldier Journey Blue Ashton showed her sci-fi mettle.

Ben Miller

Character: The Sheriff of Nottingham

Episode: Robot of Sherwood

Best known for: Being the Miller of comedy double act Armstrong and Miller, with Pointless host Alexander Armstrong

The comedian and actor is far from machine-like in his devilishly amusing portrayal of the classic baddie – even if he did turn out to have a heart of steel.

Keeley Hawes

Character: Ms Delphox/Madama Karabraxos

Episode: Time Heist

Best known for: Giving Gene Hunt a run for his money in Ashes to Ashes and lighting up the small screen in Line of Duty 

Fresh off Line of Duty, this was Keeley Hawes in a very different mode – ruthless and glamorous, her portrayal was never quite what you expected.

Hermione Norris

Character: Lundvik

Episode: Kill the Moon

Best known for: Playing Karen Marsden in ITV’s Cold Feet

Norris is known for her tough-as-nails characters, and astronaut Lundvik is no exception – you could definitely believe she’d be one of the last people to give up on space travel

Frank Skinner

Character: Perkins

Episode: Mummy on the Orient Express

Best known for: His comedy career, being one half of Baddiel and Skinner and Football Fantasy anthem Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)

Lifelong Doctor Who fan Frank Skinner was a welcome addition to the creepy events on the space-travelling train – even if witty engineer Perkins dfid turn down a trip in the Tardis for some reason.


Character: A singer

Episode: Mummy on the Orient Express

Best known for: Her dulcet musical tones

Adding a spot of glamour to proceedings, the singer’s jazzy cover of Don’t Stop Me Now was a real highlight of the episode.

Chris Addison

Character: Seb

Episodes: Dark Water/Death in Heaven

Best known for: Playing Ollie Reeder in the BBC Two satire series The Thick of It and Toby Wright in spin-off film In the Loop, plus popping up as a panelist on Mock The Week

Peter Capaldi’s The Thick of It co-star is perfectly cast as the supercilious (and slightly camp) Seb –he definitely has our permission to “Squeee”.

Sanjeev Bhaskar

Character: Colonel Ahmed

Episode: Death in Heaven

Best known for: Bringing Goodness Gracious Me and The Kumars at No. 42 to TV screens with his wife (and fellow Doctor Who guest star) Meera Syal

The Colonel might have been dismissed as a “Man-Scout” by the Doctor, but Bhaskar’s level-headed soldier was an enjoyable addition to this jam-packed final episode.

Nick Frost

Character: Santa

Episode: Last Christmas

Best known for: His roles in the Cornetto Trilogy movies (Shaun of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End) and some super comedy work with Simon Pegg

Even ignoring his possession of the perfect name for Father Christmas, Nick Frost made the jolly red fella his own – with a sort of meance you don’t normally find in Kris Kringle…


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