Doctor Who: best guest stars from series 6

As mysteries were revealed and the Doctor rose on high, which guest stars were the best and brightest?

Series 6 was the first “split” season and introduced us to new worlds and old enemies while gradually revealing the secret around the identity of Alex Kingston’s River Song – and as ever, there were plenty of great guest turns to enjoy…


Michael Gambon

Character: Kazran Sardick

Episode: A Christmas Carol

Best known for: teaching the next generation of wizards as Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter film series

Gambon brought an exquisite sadness to the role of the grumpy miser Sardick, whose emotional journey was central to this Christmas episode.

Katherine Jenkins

Character: Abigail

Episode: A Christmas Carol

Best known for: Her classical crossover singing career and reality TV show appearances

The opera singer put her pipes to good use in this episode – and her general performance as Kazran’s love interest Abigail was pretty great too.

Hugh Bonneville

Character: Captain Henry Avery

Episode: The Curse of the Black Spot

Best known for: Being Lord of the manor in Downton Abbey, and floundering with the best of them as Ian Fletcher in Twenty Twelve and W1A

Who ever thought we’d see Lord Grantham turn privateer? But Bonneville’s assured turn made it seem like the most natural thing in the world.

Lily Cole

Character: The Siren

Episode: The Curse of the Black Spot

Best known for: her modelling career, though she’s also appeared in TV and films including St Trinian’s

While she didn’t have any spoken lines, Lily Cole’s mermaid/siren/nurse hologram was a real force of nature in this piratical episode

Suranne Jones

Character: Idris/The Tardis

Episode: The Doctor’s Wife

Best known for: Policing the streets in serious mode for Scott and Bailey, and in comedy mode for A Touch of Cloth

This episode is one of the series’ most popular, and Suranne Jones’ quirky yet heartfelt performance as the Tardis consciousness is a big part of that success.

Michael Sheen

Character: Voice of House, a planet with a consciousness

Episode: The Doctor’s Wife

Best known for: Playing Tony Blair in various film and TV dramas including the Queen; getting raunchy in Masters of Sex

Sure, he was just a voice – but what a villainous rumble it was from actor/chameleon Michael Sheen as he turned the Tardis against Amy and Rory.

Raquel Cassidy

Character: Miranda Cleaves

Episodes: The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People

Best known for: standing up to nasty Thomas as Lady’s maid Baxter in Downton Abbey; getting political with Matt Smith in Party Animals

Sarcastic and ruthless, Cleaves was an unconventional but convincing ally for the Doctor as he grappled with a difficult moral conundrum.

Daniel Mays

Character: Alex

Episode: Night Terrors

Best known for: Channeling great train robber Ronnie Biggs for Sheridan Smith’s Mrs Biggs, and battling with Philip Glenister in Ashes to Ashes

As the terrified father of a son whose nightmares came real, Mays transformed a potentially thin character into a rich and lovable performance.

David Walliams

Character: Gibbis

Episode: The God Complex

Best known for: Getting dressed up for Little Britain; judging up a storm on Britain’s Got Talent

Walliams helped create a real grotesque in the rodent-ish Gibbis, whose comedic exterior shielded something more insidious within


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