Alya to sleep with Jason, reveals Coronation Street star Sair Khan

But Alya will be left burdened with guilt after her boyfriend Gary ends up proposing marriage

A distraught Alya Nazir is to fall into bed with Jason next week after she rows with boyfriend Gary. Alya – who recently lost her father Kal in the Victoria Court fire – will be left shaken in an upcoming episode when Sharif suffers a shock asthma attack.


Overcome with emotion at the thought that she could have lost her granddad so soon after the death of her dad, Alya heads to the Rovers and orders a white wine, only for Gary to point out that it’s Ramadan. When the pair argue, Alya storms out of the pub and, seeing Jason approaching No 11 with some beers, asks to join him.

“Prior to this moment, Alya and Jason have spoken briefly about what she’s going through, so she’s already confided in him a little bit,” explains actress Sair Khan. “She knows Jason is a nice guy who makes the right choices and is honourable. In that moment, she just takes comfort from someone who she thinks understands her. So she makes a move…”

And how does Jason react to this? “He does pull back initially because it’s a shock for him. He’s not expecting that from her. But he’s going through his own heartache and troubles which Alya isn’t privy to because they’re both quite selfish in this situation.”

But the morning after the night before sees a remorseful Alya fleeing the house, disgusted at what she’s done. “Alya’s distraught afterwards,” admits Khan. “She instantly regrets it. She sobers up quickly and it dawns on her just what this could potentially mean for her relationship with Gary. She’s devastated.”

However, Alya’s feelings of shame look set to be intensified after Gary arrives at the Nazirs and gets down on one knee to propose! “The fact that Gary ends up proposing is a bit out of the blue for her and it really compounds her guilt. She realises the things that Gary has done have all been because he loves her and is trying to do the right thing by her.

“She realises that Gary really truly loves her but the fact that she’s just done what she did is heartbreaking for her.”

Of course, secret one-night stands never stay covered up for long in soapland, so it’s surely only a matter of time before Gary finds out about what Alya and Jason have done. Especially seeing as Alya has always been portrayed as a character with a strong moral compass. So does Khan think that Alya will be able to live with her burden?

“I don’t think that she’ll be able to keep it to herself,” she says. “She’ll try but it’ll be very difficult because she respects Gary so much more than that. I don’t think she could live with the burden of the lie.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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