Love Island’s first twist sees identical twins John and Tony Alberti added to line-up

"It's going to be game over for the other guys," say the brothers who are confident they’ll romance their way to the final

ITV2 reality show Love Island has only just kicked off and the contestants have already had their first surprise: the late arrival of male twins John and Tony Alberti.


The 29-year-old Italian brothers were introduced last night, later than the initial twelve contestants, in a bid to stir things up as the singletons battle to become the last couple standing at the end of the show’s six-week run. 

“The guys are going to hate it,” the duo told before heading into the Mallorca-based villa. “As soon as they see us, they’re going to know it’s game over.” 

While some contestants are looking for love, these two have their eye on the prize: “The plan is to just pick the two prettiest girls and keep separate. We’ll have the pick of the bunch when we get in there.”  

And they’re definitely going to use their identical looks to their gain. “Being a twin you get more attention. We love the attention. It’s a massive advantage. We’re already a step ahead, two heads are better than one. They won’t expect it.”

John and Tony are hoping that their Italian heritage will give them a head start – they “invented romance”, after all – but they’ve also done their research in all things love over the years. “We’ve watched every rom-com going so we know all the moves and all the lines,” they laugh.

And while the twins hope to get on with the male contestants in the villa, they say men are “jealous” of them “all the time”. 

“I thrive on them being jealous. We’ll definitely fight our corner, we’ve got fiery tempers,” says Tony.

“99% of the time their girlfriends like us, it’s not our fault!” adds John. “But we’re competitive and we want to win. We’re not going in there to make friends.” Although they would never go to war with each other over a girl, saying, “blood’s thicker than water.”

The lads, armed with a long list of desirable attributes, admit to having high standards when it comes to finding a girl. 

“I know it’s big headed of us to say but we’re very good looking so we want high standards,” says Tony. “I want the girl to be prettier than me and it’s very difficult to find a girl prettier than me. Hopefully they will be in there.

“We like the Spanish, Italian, Greek-looking girl. Tanned, nice bodies, nice teeth, nice eyes. The whole package really…. that’s why I’m single. Standards are so high.” 

You don’t say…

The boys were meant to be appear on Take Me Out a while ago but dropped out when John’s relationship status changed. This time they’re sure they will strike lucky: “this is the right show for us.”


Love Island continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2