Love Island 2015: meet Jon Clark

Jon talks TOWIE, being approached to join the show and the touchy-feely chat-up line he's got ready to go

Name: Jon Clark


Age: 25

Day job: Builder from Essex 

Why Love Island? “I was out one night at Sugar Hut and I met the casting producers for the show. I was drinking, they were drinking, we kind of just met like that and then they were like, ‘we’d love you to come see us’. I never went for an audition or applied for it – that’s why I’ve just gone with it. I thought, ‘do you know what, I’m just going to jump on this train.’” 

You’ve dated Jasmin Walia from TOWIE, what can you tell us about that? “It wasn’t really a massive relationship. It was much more casual. I think we both just went our separate ways – great terms, still friends – it was just very casual. We weren’t working. You know when you get to that point? 

How will she feel seeing you on the show? “I don’t think she’ll be at all angry or upset. If anything she’ll be happy for me. She’s back with Ross [Worswick of Ex on the Beach fame]. I know Ross, I’ve got no qualms with that.”

Were you approached to be on TOWIE? “Not to my knowledge. It might have been there or thereabouts, but it was never an official conversation.”

Do you like being in a relationship? “I do like having a girlfriend. If she’s good in every aspect, then I’m content. I wouldn’t cheat, but if they’re not so experienced in different fields… Sex is a major part of a relationship, I find.”

Ideal girl? “Good looking, slim, blonde… or brunette. I look for big teeth. Good teeth and nice breasts. I do like big teeth. Like tombstone-y teeth. I think they make the face. I’m not a major fan of the massive veneers, but I wouldn’t go for a girl who hasn’t got nice teeth.”

What puts you off? “Not matching underwear. It’s a major thing. I’m hard work.”

Do you have a chat-up line? “With my chat up line, I have to be careful because I have to touch the bird so you have to make sure it’s reciprocated. You go up to a bird and say ‘Are you wearing fake eyelashes?’ and she’ll say either no or yes. Either one, you say, ‘Close your eyes, let’s have a look’ and as they close their eyes you kiss them. It’s good, isn’t it? I try it if I’ve got close to a girl. I’m not just going to walk up to a girl and go, ‘Hello darling, have you got fake eyelashes on?’”

On sex on TV: “Things are going to happen and they do happen. All I’m worried about is my nan. She’s old school English. Sex on TV, she’d be like, ‘What they hell?”. I’ve said to my mum and dad, ‘you know me, if it comes around and you see me getting close with a girl, maybe ring nan up and say make a cup of tea and have a scone.’”

On fashion: “One of my sayings is ‘dressing nice is a form of good manners’. Even if I’m going to the shops for a pack of fags, I do my hair, put my aftershave on. You never know, standing in the queue someone might walk past and think ‘he smells really nice’. [Then another time you] see her out and then ‘boom’.”


Love Island starts June 7th on ITV2