Love Island 2015: meet Chris Williamson

The Newcastle club promoter talks Geordie Shore, Take Me Out and why his celeb crush is Love Island’s very own Caroline Flack

Name: Chris Williamson


Age: 27

Day job: Club promoter in Newcastle

Interesting fact: Chris was on Take Me Out three years ago. The deep sea diving date turned out to be so boring he jumped off of the boat.

Why Love Island? “An opportunity to be in the sun with beautiful girls and meeting cool people. How can you say no? I’ve not got an agenda, I’m just a normal guy looking to have a good time.

Are you looking for a relationship? “I’m 27 now. I’ve done my period of being young and I did five years at uni which I think comes hand in hand with partying a bit. I enjoy chilling out, I don’t need to party all the time. I’ve not been too bad as a promoter.”

Celeb crush? “My ideal celebrity would be Caroline Flack, which is fortunate as she’s presenting. So if it doesn’t work out with the other contestants… She’s a funny, relaxed girl, the sort of girl I could get on with.”

Will you get steamy in the villa? “I don’t have an agenda [in regards to sex on screen]. In the heat of the moment stuff can happen. I’m not going in with any pre-conceived ideas of what I’m going to get up to or not but I wouldn’t rule it out 100%. We’ll wait and see.”

How will you handle a love triangle? “Take it as it comes.”

Would you back off? “No of course not.”

Are you a flirt over text? “Yes. If I could do emojis in real life, I think it would make my life so much easier.”

Ideal date? “I want to do something exciting that I haven’t done before, like surfing or a helicopter ride. Something cool.”

You know the cast of Geordie Shore. Has there been any romance there? “I’m good friends with all of the guys from Geordie Shore, but we’re just friends. If you’re this age and you’re in Newcastle, you know all of those guys. Vicky Pattison knows that I’m doing this. She was very complimentary and supportive. I think I might get some supportive tweets, which I’ll know nothing about until I get out.”

Have you ever been asked to star in the show? “Because they come and film in our events, we know the production team really well. The assistant is now the exec, does the editing and stuff. We’ve sort of talked about it really casually. I don’t really know what I would have said had it [come up] but it’s not.”

Do you have a party trick? Memory loss when I drink? Not sure that’s a trick…


Love Island starts Sunday 7th June on ITV2