Love Island 2015: meet Zoe Basia Brown

Zoe's a model and born again Christian who has a history of interesting dates

Name: Zoe Basia Brown


Age: 24

Day job: Model from South London. Her campaigns include Diesel and G-Star jeans

Interesting fact: Zoe is a born again Christian and travels two hours every Sunday to go to church. 

Why Love Island? “I saw it on the Daily Mail, actually my best friend saw it. We loved the old one with Paul Danan – actually I’m really hoping Paul Danan does make an appearance. Please make that happen – then my friend got a a girlfriend and so he left me in the lurch to do it on my own. I thought it’d be a fun summer. I’m 24, one of my last outrageous summers. I thought it’d be a random, fun thing to do. Meet people I wouldn’t necessary meet.” 

On looking for a relationship: “I didn’t think I was looking for love, came out here and saw the couples and I’m really, really, jealous. I’m not into flings. I’m not a fling person. If I meet someone in the house, I hope it lasts outside. If anything, I think just meeting them in the house will be nice and then it progressing. I’m not going to do anything intimate in the house, anyway. So if it’s going to progress it will be outside of the house anyway. It’s not going to be a ‘showmance’.”

On her religious beliefs: “I’m Christian and have been going to church for the last couple of years. I go every Sunday. I’m happy for people to do whatever they want, there are obviously going to be couples doing whatever in the house and that’s fine for them. But for myself I want to keep my own dignity. I don’t want to do anything my mum or dad or priest will see and they’ll be ashamed of. I want to be able to look everyone in the face and know I haven’t done anything too naughty. But at the same time, it’s the 21st century, if I really, really like someone, I don’t know how it’s going to progress. But I’m going in hoping I won’t do anything. 

“You don’t know, do you? I’m putting it out there – I don’t want to say this and everyone say ‘you’re a hypocrite and you said weren’t going to do this’ – but I don’t want to. It’s probably better not to do it in the house.”

“I’ve had boyfriends, I’m not an angel, I drink. It’s the 21st century – it’s hard to be puritanical Christian. I wouldn’t want to be anyway as I can relate to friends. But I’m strict in the sense that I really wouldn’t want to do anything in there that I’d regret. Things don’t just go away. I wouldn’t want to do anything silly.”

On how her priest will react to her part in the show: “My priest, my church are the most cool people. They’re so non-judgemental. I think people in their head think that Christians are really ‘don’t do this, don’t to that’. They’re lovely. They accept me, they’ve seen me in all sorts. It’s a Sunday morning, so they’ve seen me hungover. They’re really cool, they’re not going to judge me.”

Ideal man: “Someone really funny and really good banter. I often pick the one that’s a bit naughty, a bit cheeky. He’ll win me over by just good chat. Looks-wise I have such a spectrum of people I’ve dated.”

Worst date? “I had one guy ask me three times on the same date if I’d broken my nose. I’ve got quite a prominent nose. You’d think after the first time I’d said no… but he asked me three times. Like, ‘Are you sure, it’s quite wonky…?’ He was a model though so I expected that. He wasn’t drunk or anything, just rude. 

“I went on a date with one who was super fake tanned and he stank of biscuits, I just remember sitting across from him and I could see tan lines. He was a nice person, he just had too much fake tan. I’ve been a bit too drunk and a bit too blunt, like, ‘You’re really bad at this, aren’t you?’”

If the girls don’t get on: “I’m not worried about bitchiness, I’ve lived with models from all over the world. It won’t faze me at all.”

On her mum watching the show: “My mum’s like my best mate. She doesn’t know if she’s going to watch it. She’s like, ‘Do I dare watch it? I don’t want to see you snogging people.’ I was like, ‘I’ll be snogging everyone mum’ and she was like, ‘I don’t want to watch it!’

“All she keeps asking me for is grandkids. She just wants me to be myself. She said as long as you’re yourself just go and have fun.”


Love Island starts Sunday June 7th on ITV2